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Help!!! My Godaddy Account Has Been Hacked!

Dear Sir

This is Jay Contractor from Tech Elegant Solutions.

A few days back my server is hacked by someone and modifies all codes, created extra files. With this changes my all websites give unexpected output and I received so many calls from my client and suffer my business.

When I have to chat with your online support assistant but I have not to get the proper solution for my problem. Every time he/she is saying for security you have to purchase a new web securities plane.

If you are not providing securities why you are selling web hosting plane and create trouble for client

I am not happy with your service. From your answer, I believe that you are interested only to sell more product to the client without securities and when the client asks for securities you change your plane and create a problem with the client

I am sending image of contents which written in all files on hack code.jpg




Super User III
Super User III

Re: Help!!! My Godaddy Account Has Been Hacked!

Hey there @techelegant!


That's a really crummy sitiuation. Unfortunately, it's a common misconception that your hosting provider is responsible for the security of your website. They are ultimately responsible for server security, which GoDaddy does a phenomenal job at, and the website owner/operator is ultimately responsible for the security of their website.




  • It would be impossible for GoDaddy to provide security for the thousands and thousands of websites hosted on their various platforms. The costs alone would be astronomical and translate directly to your hosting prices. Do you really want to pay $50+ a month for basic hosting?
  • Providing a blanket solution to security would result in thousands of unhappy customers as their sites cease to function on the GoDaddy platform. There is no one solution to web security and the owner/operator of the site must assess the best option for them. 
  • GoDaddy is a hosting company. That means you rent the space on their server to host your website. They are not your developer. Think of it this way... GoDaddy is the Landlord to your Apartment (hosting.) They provide the walls, the electricity, the water, and they'll make sure routine maintenance is done. They will not come behind you and lock your door (Website Security) and you really can't hold them responsible if you leave to door open and someone comes in to mess with your things.

Bottom line is that security is the responsibility of the website owner/operator. The representative you spoke with was exactly right. You need to purchase Website Security and have them clean your site or you need to research other solutions.


FYI, that looks like an SQL injection code, which is pretty typical of a PHP based CMS being compromised. The most likely culprit is that you forgot to update the core installation or plugins/extensions. I would also suggest consider adding a firewall.


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