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DNSSEC: Support for algorithm 13 (ECDSA) for .co domains

Unfortunately, it's not possible to enable DNSSEC with on a .co domain under Cloudflare.


ECDSA has huge benefits over other algorithms, so it's understable why Cloudflare support only this version:


Is there any reason why GoDaddy does not support algorithm 13 on some of the domain name zones?


We have a .co domain and looks like we are forced to move to another domain name provider?






I'm waiting for this feature, but seems like Godaddy is not interested in it, at least for now.

Just ridiculous.Get with the program GoDaddy.

ICANN requires registrars to support DNSSEC with all available DS algorithm types.
This is the ICANN registrars requirements link:

This is the ICANN complaint module link:

I await GoDaddy response and thank you in advance for the support.