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    Small business marketing

    I have a GoDaddy website: http://mcimedalert.com We sell pre-printed medical alert wristbands. Am having a hard time getting traction. Our products are sold on Amazon. I have reached out to bloggers, contacted about 30 and received 3 replies. Would like to use micro influencers but all the websites are very complicated and most expensive. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


    Ed Schroeder



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    Re: Small business marketing

    Good for you for reaching out to bloggers -- it's not always the easiest way to get traction.


    Just took a look at your website. The first thing you need to figure out is whether or not you are getting traffic to your site. I always make sure that the sites I'm working on have Google Analytics installed. If you don't have that, that's your first step.


    Then, analyze that information for various items, like overall traffic, source of traffic and conversation (in this case, clicks on your Amazon links).


    Think about the buyer's behavior. Do they go to Google -- then they may go to your site. That means having a well optimized site would help you rank. If you would like a copy of my free SEO Guide, let me know.


    Plus, I would work on the site itself, so you have a better chance of converting customers. Here are a few things I would fix immediately:


    • The text on your header is difficult to read over the wristband image.
    • Those links to Amazon look pretty raw. Perhaps replace them with buttons. Remove the text, "For more information click" -- a button will communicate that.
    • I would imagine that people understand the value of medical alert bands, particular with conditions. So you may want to say something about why people should buy the bands from you vs. someone else.
    • There's a lot of information on one page -- perhaps create a menu, separating out by adults, children, etc. and/or by condition. Will make it easier for people to find their particular band.

    If they're searching directly on Amazon...

    If you think people are likely to buy more than one item, perhaps sell only a few very popular items there, then once you've acquired them as customers (say, if you're doing your own fulfillment), you can email them periodically. Although this really depends on how much your customers are likely to be repeat.


    If that's not a good strategy, have you thought about maybe testing some ads on Amazon?


    That's off the top of my head. LMK if that helps.


    -- Robbin

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    Re: Small business marketing

    Thank you so much for the great suggestions. Another pair of eyes makes a big difference. Would still like to work with micro influencers, but everything I have come across is very pricey and looks like there is a big learning curve. Any more suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated. Our email is on the web site if you would rather PM. Thanks again.

    Ed Schroeder




    Re: Small business marketing

    we can help u get it out get it out their in the market feel free to contact us

    Re: Small business marketing

    You got my attention cuz im not getting any sales but everyone tells me they love it and its awesome but not to many visits or sales

    Re: Small business marketing

    Okay so what do you say about mine cuz im getting traffic just not getting any finalized sales but everyone swears they love the designs and wants to buy things but i dont know why im getting im almost tempted to buy something myself just to make sure its gonna go thru snd its all set up right
    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Small business marketing

    Hey @chaoticdesigner. Thanks for posting. Since it already has a solution and it's from over a year ago, I'm going to close this thread. I think you'd have better luck by creating a new post and asking for further tips/suggestions from the Community on what you can do. Please do so at your convenience. Thanks! 


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