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    How to improve my ranking in Google search?


    I have had my website up for over several years and I can't figure out how to get it to pull up my site using key words :flooring recently.  The only way I can get it to show up is if I type in my company name. 



    Could you help me fix the problem? Do I need to update regularly?.  Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: How to improve my ranking in Google search?

    Hi @venusflooring,


    Welcome to the Community!

    It's a great question... but one that involves work in improving your search engine rankings. We have a number of articles in our Help files that will help you understand SEO and the actions you can take. Here's one in particular that can get you started. I' sure out community members will have suggestions as well. You might also want to look in our Marketing forum for ideas and solutions. 







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    iRe: How to improve my ranking in Google search?

    Hello @venusflooring 


    Your website is having on-page SEO issues, consider updating your website with original & relevant content to your niche.


    Warp your main keyword in <H1> </H1> tags with supporting keywords in <H2> </H2> tags


    Add the content of minimum 300 words above the fold with the main keywords you wish to rank on google for.


    you should also consider these top 3 SEO factors important by martin Splitt to rank higher on Google SERP.



    Avinash J
    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: iRe: How to improve my ranking in Google search?

    Hi @AvinashJ & @venusflooring,

    Hi @jayeshtech & @maestrosoft,

    Want to let you know that we're having a Community Virtual Meetup next week Wednesday, November 13th from 10-11am PST with the topic of "SEO 101". Please join if you can. You can register ahead of time here https://www.crowdcast.io/e/godaddy-community-2. Take care!