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Hello, I have a Deluxe Windows Hosting with Plesk and I am using 5 email addresses. I received an email telling me that 2 of the 5 addresses will be no longer available for free .... ( I pay already more than 100£/year for this service). I am a bit confused. Can someone please explain? thanks


Hi @daddyalive,


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GoDaddy is in the process of informing users about the decision to discontinue free email credits (the email you received) and are taking active steps to ensure they have a seamless upgrade process. They have a dedicated team ready to support the affected customers and are offering different options, including Office 365 and Workspace Email, so that you don’t have to experience any email downtime. They’re also providing support and easy migration for existing customers who don’t wish to upgrade to a paid GoDaddy email service. You may contact the support team at any of the numbers in the link below. 



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Dear THL,
thanks for your answer.

I am using Godaddy since 2014 and I mainly joined as I found the live chat support 24/7 very usefull.
Since quite a while there is no more chat or probably is Now an Addicional service.

I had also 5 ( I think 500 but I always use only 5 ) email addresses that came with the “DELUXE” Windows Hosting.
Now - according to my understanding - the above DELUXE hosting does not have ANY email.

I also understand that the Terms and Conditions can change any time at Godaddy’s will but selling service for a price and - - only - later on taking away some of those services does not seems to be fair to me even if from your side goes under the name of “upgrading”.