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Workspace email has become unreliable

Been using workspace email for years for three websites. In the past two days, I've been unable to add any attachments in classic view. I can drag and drop attachments in updated view, but when I try to save the draft or send the email, the process hangs up. Chatted with support this a.m., tried clearing cache and cookies, managed to send one test email in updated view with an attachment to myself. It worked, but the next time I tried, it hung up again, with a "sending" message that never goes away.


Recently learned that workspace email is outdated and Go Daddy is automatically transitioning customers to Office 365 or Outlook. Asked support if I could do that on my own to avoid the problems I'm having, was told no, it will be done automatically, and there won't be any problems.


One recent post on this forum, however, complained that Go Daddy's claim that the transition has been a "roaring success" is especially aggravating, and the customer explained why it is a roaring disaster.