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Some emails sent to my address are not arriving.

Suddenly I am not receiving appx 10% of my email. It is not just on the app. I have customers and team members who ask why i did not respond. They send to my gmail and I get the email. Also select clients from one company .. I never receive their email.

Community Manager

Hi @Mexico. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Email delivery issues can be difficult to troubleshoot. It sounds like the sender's aren't receiving rejection notices, which can make it even harder to find where the issue is occurring. I'd suggest getting in touch with our customer care team. If you can tell them the address that sent a missing message and the approximate time it was sent, our advanced team can look to see if the message was received. If it isn't being received on our end, then the sender would need to work with their email provider to see what's happening. 


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