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SMTP settings for MachForm

I have spent hours trying to figure out the correct SMTP settings so that MachForm can send emails.  I keep finding conflicting information (one place says should be the server address...another says and yet another says based on the site name,   Then of course there are the options for secure/SSL/TLS and which port to use (80, 465).  Also, since authentication is required, which account do I use?  Can I use the account used to access GoDaddy management of the host/site? If I have to use fixed email account, then I am screwed since I have used up the purchased 6-real email accounts.  Thought about setting up a dummy GMail account just for this but would rather stay withing the GoDaddy confines if I can.


Hi @zoltar_speaks, thanks for posting.

If you are trying to send email from your website or hosting plan, you must use specific settings. The settings vary depending on your hosting plan, but you can find a list in this article:


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