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New e-mail account and gmail forwarding

Hello, I'm new to godaddy and need help to help a friend.

There's a domain registered at godaddy and also an email account (professional with the domain name). An alias to the e-mail account was also created.

There are two tasks: 1. create a new account at godaddy (using the registered domain), (so there would be two accounts). Is it possible? Could you please point me to the tutorial?

2. Get all messages through a separate gmail account, and send messgaes through the gmail account. I found that it is possible to receive mails through google and send mails as through gmail as well, if the is not an alias. Could someone please confirm that it is possible to use the godaddy registered e-mail accounts through gmail? Which tutorial would you reccomend?

(Also, if not used through gmail, can emails be sent as the alias address?)


Thank you very much in advance.

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Re: New e-mail account and gmail forwarding

Kudos to you for helping out a friend @fruska. I find that helping is a reward within itself and in this case you get to learn something new.

  1. Depending on your chosen email plan you can create multiple email accounts (sometimes as many as 100) Check out (Workspace Email) Set up email addresses OR (cPanel) Set up email addresses
  2. You can configure GMail to send and receive email messages from your GoDaddy account(s) I happen to think GMail is a good way to accomplish this. Check out Sending email through GMail as there is some good robust discussion, links and a solution there.

I hope that helps and thank you for the question.


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