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My email cannot send and receive email from other mail

Hello My email cannot send and receive email from other mail. Thank for help

Helper V

You must cross-check the DNS and MX Records of your Domain or contact Godaddy if your domain is with Godaddy or else contact the domain provider.


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Im new to all this can you explain a bit simpler on what i need to do?

Useless answer. Where can I click -1 for such a useless answer.

I tried to do everything that's possible since change passwords, reset password, use an old password, even delete my gmail account but Google has been unable to solve the problem. What are your recommendations?

Hi I cannot receive or send emails on my account may have to update my webhosting

Thank you



I have problems sending emails from domains, either from webmail, php, smtp, I checked the dns, the mandatory records. I've checked this article.  but without any success GoDaddy will have problems globally?

We have been having the same problem and it’s really interrupting our workflow in a huge way. Emails aren’t sending or even saving as drafts for later. I did try switching to the old view (not the updated view) and it works a little better but still sporadic.

Having the same problem.  If I go to classic view I can send, but it often loses all the history of the email.  Impacting work.

Having exactly the same problem, cannot respond to clients and it's creating a huge backlog (and headache). Spent two hours on chat to support who said it was an ISP problem, BT say it definitely is not! 

I am not able to receive any emails but sending is working. I tried calling customer care but calls not doing through because of technical problem

I also encountered this problem.

Emails send to my email address returned with "550 Email address not found" error but I can send email out.

Please help.


Update: I tried to dig on the forum and want to make some points clearer:

1. I'm using Workspace email on GoDaddy. It is for reference.

2. When people sent email to my email address (they were using business email and also gmail, yahoo mail, outlook) they got bounce-back email told that my email address was not found

3. I can send email to them by using webmail

4. I did not change anything at domain DNS

5. This problem suddenly happens. It seemed to work well until the day before yesterday.


So maybe GoDaddy email service problem?



have DNS hosted on GoDaddy but my website hosted elsewhere.  Website company provide access to email addresses but no matter what I do i cant send or recieve mail. 


have intsalled thunderbird for a mail clinet on my laptop. mailserver settings provided by websiet hosting company is:





Looked in my DNS Settings on Go Daddy and theres no reference to these addresses so I queried with the site hosting company. they said set up a cname record from to to resolve.  hours later still no luck.


my question is do i need soem other records, maybe MX records on GoDaddy pointing to to their mail server IP?

Having issue with my mail, anytime i want to send, it will say, it couldnt sign in


My email cannot send and tesiving imails