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I am not getting some emails and they are not in spam or blocked.

I am not getting some emails.  I had a client send me one tonight and said she sent me an email 2 nights ago, but it wasn't in spam or blocked. She has sent me lots of emails, so it makes no sense that the one she sent 2 days ago wasn't delivered.  I have heard this quite a bit lately.  As a Realtor, every email is critical!  

Also, I am getting spam, even after setting up message filters (i.e. If subject contains "brain" send to junk.) 

Very frustrating!

Community Manager

Hi, @cpsrs. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! I can understand how that would be a frustrating situation. It's difficult to say what is happening, especially if the messages aren't being rejected and sent back to the sender. Our email servers are set up to send rejection notices, so it seems likely that something else is occurring. It could be something as simple as a wrong email address being entered once, then automatically filled in later. 


As for message filtering not working, I'm not sure why that wouldn't be working. I'd recommend getting in touch with our customer care team so they can review the emails that have come in and troubleshot why the filters aren't working. 


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I'm having the same issue. In fact, I missed an email from a potential employer requesting an interview. This is a big problem.