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How to get E-Mail working (externally hosted)

Hi there,


I have a GoDaddy domain, but am hosting it on AWS, I use amazons Route53 for DNS Records.

Is there a free way to set up an email account


Can I forward my emails from to (how so? Because when setting up forwarding I get this: Based on your current MX record settings, we determined that your email is currently set up to work with Google®. You cannot manage third party email accounts from the Workspace Control Center.)


I set up a MX Record at Route53 to point to google.

Super User I



Based on your description GoDaddy is just your domain registrar of record.  Once you change the DNS and MX servers and remove GoDaddy servers to point elsewhere that then becomes where setup is controlled.


If your MX servers are pointing at Google, that is where all the config for mail for that domain is managed.


HTH! 😉

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