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GoDaddy E-mail Not Receiving E-mails From Contact Form

As stated, my e-mail through GoDaddy will not receive e-mails through the contact form on my site. I tested the form using a yahoo e-mail address so the form works correctly, but it stops working the second I change it to send the form information to my GoDaddy e-mail. I've also tested sending an e-mail from my yahoo account to my GoDaddy which works fine. Sort of a weird issue. I'll attach the code to see if maybe the issue is there or if it is with GoDaddy.



  $name = @trim(stripslashes($_POST['name'])); 
  $email = @trim(stripslashes($_POST['email']));  
  $subject = @trim(stripslashes($_POST['subject']));  
  $message = @trim(stripslashes($_POST['message'])); 

  $email_to = ''; 

  $message = 'Name: ' . $name . "\n\n" . 'Email: ' . $email . "\n\n" . 'Subject: ' . $subject . "\n\n" . 'Message: ' . $message;

  $success = @mail($email_to, "[The Sauce] ".$subject, $message);




I found a work around. I created a random yahoo e-mail account, send all the form information to yahoo, then set it up to forward everything to my GoDaddy e-mail. Works perfect actually. Just would like to do it the right way.