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Error setting up POP3 account in gmail


Hi lads,


I am having issues setting up a mail account in Gmail using POP3.


I had no issues doing the same process with SMPT.


The issue is not 100% sure the password because I could set up a POP3  mail account but non-secure (TLS). When I tried to set up SSL one i get an error('Unable to establish secure SSL connection to....'). See screenshot below: 




I was reading about it in this forum and I found out other POP Servers like and I set them up and I get different error ('Server denied POP3 access for the given username and password'), see the screenshot:




Also the email account is setup properly on cpanel and working on webmail perfectly but I don't have an account on Goddady Email, could be this the issue?.




I would really appreciate any help. 






Hello @tryspainwebsite!


Thank you for posting. Because you're using cPanel email, the settings would be different than the ones you are using. Here's our guide on configuring your email client to work with cPanel email. Give that a try. 


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hi Heather,


Thanks for your message. 


I set up the email with these settings that you are telling me and its working fine. These settings are Non-SSL. I would like to set up the email with Secure SSL/TLS Settings but its not working. I got the error that I showed in my first post.


Any idea?