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Emails Frequently Not working.

Our Domain is

Our Microsoft office Emails are frequently not working and we have many customer tell us that they are getting automated responses that our emails do not exist. We periodically test this and we are often unable to send emails to each other and receive the same email.

This has been going on since we migrated from a local web company to GoDaddy.

If this is not resolved soon, we will have to insist that our tech team make a switch away from GoDaddy. We pay the money we are supposed to, we would like to get the service that GoDaddy promises.

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Hi @GisKitchen,


You have multiple MX records...........


also read this:


also you have the same priority for two MX records, namely '0', read this :


So you see, it's not necessarily a godaddy fault here..... and this service was freely volunteered by a non employee. 

Have a nice day!

We appreciate your work and research.

Our account page only shows 1 MX record total. It does have priority zero though.
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Hi @GisKitchen, mail is handled by 0 mail is handled by 10 mail is handled by 0


............ 3 MX records unless there is something going on I'm not aware of as of yet? Perhaps this is the norm for a particular hosting platform? Not as I'm aware of though. Even so, two have the same priority.....


Our account controls only show one mx record and our ability to edit it is limited by changing the priority or deleting it. 

We have clients tell us everyday that they are getting errors telling them that our emails do not exist. 

We appreciate any and all opinions.