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Email unavailable

We are no longer able to long into our company email. 

It has stopped working in Outlook and also stopped working at 

When I try to login at, I get a message saying "User doesn't have application".

The account renewal is not due yet, so what could the problem be??

When someone sends an email to our account, the email does not go through, but the person gets a response saying

"<>: 550: 5.1.1 <> Recipient not found.  <>".

It has been like this for over two weeks.  What could the problem be??



I had a similar problem but with two or more attempts I was in my company e-mail. I think GoDaddy is trying to get users to upgrade the e-mail service to the higher priced package. In my opinion they are creation login problems for the user to sell it. When I went to GoDaddy with my problem I was connected with a sales person trying to pass themselves off as a support person. If this is the case I'm looking for a new hosting platform. 

The Godaddy support person said I must have been using the wrong email address, but that is not the case.

My email is still not working, but now I get a different message when I try to login.  The message says "Please sign in again to continue.", and then when I sign in, I get the same message "Please sign in again to continue.", over and over again, and I never get logged in.