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Email don't recieve mails (use aws web hosting)

i have followed the instruction for setting up my email.
but still can't recieve emails and when i check my setting it keeps give me this message:
"Sorry, we can't verify your settings, yet. It can take up to 24 hours for us to detect the update. Please double-check you entered the information correctly, and try again in a bit".
i almost sure that i followed every thing and put my settings in correct way.

and here is a screenshot of my settings.

Super User III
Super User III

Re: Email don't recieve mails (use aws web hosting)



I believe the issue is that AWS DNS just wants the domain name no @ 


so for your MX, SRV and TXT records you just want 


as right now it is setup as which is why it is not resolving / validating


Many DNS Providers treat @ for the host as the root of the site, but some systems want the actual domain instead

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