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Email accounts cannot send/receive emails and delay time is hours

Hi i signed for Deluxe Linux Hosting with cPanel with one main domain and few add-ons.

email accounts on different add on domains cannot get or send email at all.

Cpanel email normally have few mins delay for dispatching emails to their destinations. but Godaddy rep told me they dont have info on average timings at all  whereas this is very important in this age and time. delay about 2-5 mins acceptable but not hours.

Theresa and Team lead Thakur tried to troubleshoot but after 4 hours as of now, they are hang up on me.

Godaddy being number one company is joke of the day. Justhost was so small webhosting company but they had better record. 


My advice to new potential clients...stay away from Godaddy it is pathetic and hopeless...will cause you business disruption.  



Update, Thaku from lead team told me cpanel emails have "delay" which is known. But dont want to put upper n lower limit on this "Delay", whether its 2mins or 24 hours. 


Offered me to use O365 instead ...Godaddy want clients buy O365 by downgrading our hassling them pathetic CPanel email service... 

Some clients after harassment, opt in for O635...its their business model......i am seriously thinking to move over to another hosting company ...if they dont fix my email in n out problem in next 24 hours

Community Manager

Hi @ronin21. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! My understanding is that the typical delay from cPanel (due to spam filtering) is around 3 minutes. However, at times, it can be longer than this if there is an unusual queue formed. However, that shouldn't be the case for more than 24 hours. If you're still experiencing a significant delay, then I'd recommend connecting with our hosting support team so they can take a closer look.


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