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180828  I am missing the magic email portal in the GoDaddy game.   Call me simple minded, however, why is it that GoDaddy can't make things simple for we the simple minded?  Throughout my life I have found that programmers are not the ones to design interfaces.  Silly me and bless their hearts. Over the years, every time I figure out where they have hidden the Email Access Portal, they change up the game and once again I have to enter at level one in the game and work my way through demons, dragons, and village not so brights to find the new portal.  Additionally there  is no rhyme or reason when trying to figure out how a particular email is tied to a particular email product when you have  a couple dozen websites.. and HORRORS OF HORRORS, they have erased whole email boxes with out the simplest courtesy of tracking us down to say they are doing so (they did tell us they were rewriting all the rules... HOWEVER, we are busy making money so that we can pay them - which means they might want to help us do that instead of simply taking more an


d more of our time.    I am on the soap box and will now find the ladder to climb down.... Also, has any one discovered answers to these questions as well as to why life is so short and we will pass long before getting  to see the sun as it burns out?


Hi @PecanRancher,


Thanks for posting and expressing your concerns. It sounds like there may have been a failed billing if you do not see your email accounts within your GoDaddy account. I'd recommend contacting live support so they can investigate what happened. 


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