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Domain has exceeded the max emails per hour!

I have this replayed email message when my clients trying to send emails.

"Domain *************.com has exceeded the max emails per hour (2/1 (200%)) allowed. Message-discard"

I search about the same problem with others a lot and found it a common problem,  and all official answers were to call them and I called Godaddy three times, I even pay for website security but nothing changed... All that happens is my clients are losing business and I am losing my reputation... what a wonderful customer service!


Re: Domain has exceeded the max emails per hour!

Hi @HatemMonem


Welcome to the Community!

If you and your clients are using Workspace Email, there will be limitations set to avoid the appearance of spam through our system. You can read about those limitations here. If you are not exceeding those limits and are still getting the alert, you'll want to contact our customer support team to have them review your emails plans to be sure the relays are not being used by unauthorized senders. 



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