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Different password requirements when updating email password in vs

I logged into my GoDaddy user account and navigated to the Workspace Control Center to update my email password to something stronger and when entering the password, a modal pops up next to the password field saying the password must be between 5 - 32 characters long and when I enter my ~20 character passphrase, the check mark turns green indicating the password is allowed, but after clicking Save at the bottom, I receive the error:


An internal system error has occured. Please try again. If the problem persists, please contact technical support.


I contacted support via chat and was told they were resyncing my email and I would be able to update my password within 45 minutes. However, I'm still receiving the same error about 2 hours later so I tried logging in to webmail to change it through there and on there I'm given much different password requirements with a limit of 14 characters.


I'm assuming the latter requirements are correct and I'm receiving the error in the WCC because my passphrase is too long.


I just want to confirm that is the case so it can hopefully be fixed and also enter a complaint regarding the password length limit as limiting the length needlessly restricts users to less secure passwords and prevents the use of longer passphrases that can still contain equal complexity while being easier to remember.


Also, the requirement for the user account password that passwords not include a commonly used phrase defeats the purpose when 'P@ssword1' is an acceptable password, but the passphrase 'The password for X site = P@ssword1' is not allowed because it contains a common phrase despite it being literally uncrackable.


*The example passwords are fabricated and do not represent my actual passwords or passphrase structure.