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Did I just lose all but one of my email accts?

I had multiple godaddy accts and it was hard to manage them signing in separately for each one, so after chatting with a customer service rep I was offered the ability to combine them into one main user acct.


GREAT I said! Makes my life much easier right?


Once we did that I figured wow that was super nice of them and makes my life easier, but I noticed I wasn't getting emails anymore from a few of my domains I had catch-all's setup on.


I went back to chat and was told it was one free email per acct and since I combined my accts into one it was only valid on ONE of my domains now, if i wanted emails for the others i would have to pay.


Is this accurate?  If so time for me to move on I think, pretty bad way to treat a customer.

Community Manager

Hi @FTLOSM. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! If you had free email credits prior to merging your account, you should still have them. What you'll need to do is set up the free credit for each one and then set up the accounts again. If this is done within 14 days of when the merge happened, you shouldn't lose any data (unless they were EU email plans, which we can't retain due to privacy regulations). You can find the free credits under the "additional products" section on your products page. This article might help. If not, please connect with our support team once more. Sorry for any confusion Man Sad 


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