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DNS settings for email hosted elsewhere



I have a domain (with SSL) and hosting with GoDaddy, but my email is with another vendor called Appriver. I'm transferring my website from another hosting company to GoDaddy. All works as expected. The website loads with SSL, but my emails won't work. I get an error in my Gmail if I try to send an email to my email address. I get: "Message not delivered - Your message couldn't be delivered to because the remote server is misconfigured. See technical details below for more information."


I added the 3 records Appriver provided (1 CNAME record and 2 MX records.) They confirmed they were correct. This is what the GoDaddy DNS panel looks like. Do I need to delete a record that may be interfering with the Appriver records? Do you see anything at all that would prevent my emails from working?


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: DNS settings for email hosted elsewhere

Hi @cobb-arch. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It looks like you don't have your MX Records configured correctly. You'll want them to have a host of @ instead of your domain name. Take a look at the highlighted area of the image below. Change those to @ and it should work Man Happymxconfig.png




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Re: DNS settings for email hosted elsewhere

Thank you, Jesse! It worked! That makes my day.