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ADD Spf and DKIM records

I would like to add an SPF and DKIM record to GoDaddy MX and an MX record so that OnlyOffice CRM can connect.


Only Office specifiy:

  • Type:MX
  • Text/
  • Priority:0

GoDaddy require:


godaddy mx record.PNGCould anyone please advise on how I should enter this record.


should i enter in both host and points to?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: ADD Spf and DKIM records

Hi @One2Three. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 


GoDaddy doesn't currently provide a way to add DKIM specifically, but you can refer to this article for more information about adding SPF records. If you need more information about adding MX records, you can see this article. Hope that helps. 


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Re: ADD Spf and DKIM records

support were unable to help


Re: ADD Spf and DKIM records

This is not really true it seems. I simply followed the instructions from the mail provider and it worked fine.


In DNS records you set up a new TXT record.

In essence, you must only include "selector._domainkey" as the Host, where "selector" is whatever you've chosen when youve set up your Mail account side of DKIM. Using the full given key will fail as GoDaddy automatically resolves the domain portion of the key. Paste the full Value field as normal. This is a big-arse block of nonsense gumpf text. Dont be put off by it. Again, these values are provided by the Mail Provider.


After performing these steps my DKIM at Zoho Verified almost immediately.



Re: ADD Spf and DKIM records

I've been battling this for almost a week now. 

Nowhere does Godaddy tell you this.

Dropping the domain name worked!!!!!!


Re: ADD Spf and DKIM records



It is absolutely ridiculous and borderline irresponsible that GoDaddy is not making information that is this basic clearly and directly available as an active part of their service offering knowing full well that it is such an important part of helping to secure OUR email (the ones PAYING THEM...). I don't care if they have a premium offering to sell. This is a part of basic security that they are making next to impossible for us novice users who actually TRUSTED them to be our hosters/providers. I should not have to buy a premium offering to actually be able to feel safe/secure about my email service through my provider. I AM a GoDaddy fan, and NOT trying to encourage anyone to leave. I am actualy APPEALING to them to take heed and treat their clients better and make sure that the things that they CAN DO to keep our data safer are things the DO NOT try to upsell to us. 

Re: ADD Spf and DKIM records

If I could reach thru my screen, I'd kiss ya!  Go Daddy's reps are completely clueless regarding this.  I was on the phone with the "advanced" team and they said it wasn't possible.  It baffles me that how these companies hire such incompetent people.  And go daddy has to be completely IGNORING it's clients... look how many people have questions on how to implement.  DKIM is not going away and is a good thing. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to post your solution.  It helped me as well. 

Anyone reading this: simple take the settings given by your provider and strip out any mention of the domain 

Re: ADD Spf and DKIM records

You said you "simply followed the instructions given by the mail provider". To whom or what do you refer? I am a small business with an in house Exchange server, so who/what would be my mail provider in order to get this information? Would it be my iSP? Sorry for the ignorance but I am not an expert at this and with the new changes that Google has made I find that I need to add SPF and DKIM and DMARC records to my DNS routing and Godaddy hasn't been much help. I did manage to get my domains verified with Google but I still have emails being held in my mail queues wrongly that are sent to Gmail. 

Re: ADD Spf and DKIM records

support sucks. Tech doesn't know what the difference between DKIM and SPF record. they have no clue .

Re: ADD Spf and DKIM records

YESSSS! I have been BATTLING with this for over a week and dropping the domain name worked right away. Thank you thank you thank you