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www.www redirect

When you type in my domain it's redirecting to  I had initially used C-Panel to set it up as an add-on domain for my deluxe hosting, and then used installatron to install Wordpress.  I though some kind of hiccup in that process might have causing the issue.   However, even after uninstalling wordpress and deleting the add-on domain - it still is redirecting. 


Where do I start the troubleshooting?

Super User II

I am not duplicating the issue as described.  This could have been from waiting for the DNS to propagate or maybe it was something else that you were able to solve.

I also have this 'www.www' issue.

I followed the instructions to change the name servers to connect the domain to my external hosting place. After 48hrs, I received emails from GoDaddy to say that the name server change failed.

When I want to view my site, it shows:

www.www.-----------------’s server IP address could not be found.


The nameservers tell which DNS to use.  If they are pointed to a third-party provider that is where you would manage the DNS.


Double check to make sure the domain has been added to the hosting account.