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problems adding SendGrid CNAME record

I'm having trouble adding one of the CNAME records I've been asked to add by my mail provider (SendGrid) to my DNS.

They ask me to add three different records; the first one is the same as my domain name: "" that points to "" When
When I try to add it I get this message :
"An unexpected error occurred. If this issue continues, contact support."

Any Idea?


Re: problems adding SendGrid CNAME record

Hi @basilfarraj,

Welcome to our forums. When adding a CNAME a subdomain cannot exceed 25 characters. It appears that the format you are attempting to use is not supported. I also suggest trying another browser. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: problems adding SendGrid CNAME record


I managed to solve this problem with adding SendGrid Sender Authentication CNAME to any domain on Godaddy DNS.


Go to your DNS manager to add CNAME provided by SendGrid

However, for each the Host*- Enter their individual name only

For example: url0007 and not or s1._domainkey and not and subsequently the rest of the Host*.

Points to* - Enter exactly complete value as provided by SendGrid.


All the best... Charles Smiley Happy

Re: problems adding SendGrid CNAME record

That fixed it for me