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Work firewall sees parked domain


I am self hosting a site and have redirected www.X to my home domain using duckDNS and then have forwarding set up to forward X to www.X all of this works as expected except when I am at work.

Our internal webfilter sees the DNS serving my site is ns07 and ns08 from godaddy which are identified as "parked" domains so it refuses to serve the site. (the "browsing blocked" page even states it is because it is a parked domain)

Are there other godaddy dns servers I can use? I don't need it to point to anything other than itself to then get forward on.


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Hi @Elbobo,


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If you are "self-hosting", do you have your A record directed to the IP address of your server? Traditionally, the "www" is entered as a CName that is directed back to (@) that A Record. It may not be your nameservers, but the records you have assigned within. You may also wish to use Hosted Nameservers using your domain name if you have the correct IP addresses for your hosting. 






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Thank you for your help @TLH,


No, since I have a dynamic IP I cannot have the A record point to my IP, it currently points to the godaddy IP that was automatically put there when I configured forwarding of to That being said  I can go to and because of my duckDNS it routes to my house, if I use it uses the A Record to identify the forwarding and it also gets to my house on (as an aside, this also works for the generation of my SSL certs with LetsEncrypt, for and (as well as all the other subdomains I have reversed proxies created for. 

The only issue comes because my work firewall (for both the internal network and the guest wireless) ask GoDaddy for the NS record, or the SOA, or something that has GoDaddy spits back NS07 & NS08 which are identified by GoDaddy as used for "parked" domains. Since IT Security at work can see no reasons someone would want to visit a parked page it never gets to the point to allow the forward to occur. 

This even prevents me from getting to where I have my gSuite setup (but I can get there from anywhere other than work) 

Other than "rolling my own name server" which would require me to have a static IP space (well, 2 of them) to host my own name server, is there any way for me to use a "non-parked" godaddy NS record?


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Did you ever get a fix for this?  I'm having a similar issue, but on NS13 and NS14.  My work firewall (in fact any semi sensitive firewall) says the site is 'category: Parked' and blocks the site.

Unfortunately no, a friend at work with the same issue ended up having to move his domain to Google and using their tools to point it to a home server, he's able to get to his now through the same work network mine fails. When I have some time off I'm thinking I might have to do the same.