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Whois Counts Removed from Domain Export Lists

The new domain manager interface doesn't allow you to choose the whois counts when creating a list for export.


I have seen JesseW's response to this question But it doesn't make any sense. Including this data on the exported list isn't a new feature that needs to be added, it's an existing feature that's been removed.


Why were the whois counts removed from the export lists?


This information is very useful. I can't tell you how much it pisses me off when companies do dumb sh*t like this. 




Re: Whois Counts Removed from Domain Export Lists

I called GoDaddy support and reported this issue last month when I was testing the new Domain Export List. GoDaddy support had no answer for the missing whois counts. The whois counts were the primary reason I was downloading my domain info for 195+ GoDaddy domains. I've been a GoDaddy customer since 2005. GoDaddy features continue to be removed while remaining features have steadily increased in price.


This is not the GoDaddy Bob Parsons built.

Re: Whois Counts Removed from Domain Export Lists

Agreed. I complained about this issue back in June ( and it says... "SOLVED".


It's not solved -- it's just broken. Anyone from product management with ideas if this will ever be possible again?


And the new interface design... it's like they took a class in "how to piss people off". Generate a list with the easy to find export button and THEN... what? Search for it in an unrelated location under the settings menu.


Sorry for being such a nattering nabob of negativism... but I am unhappy and unimpressed with this step backwards in UX.


Re: Whois Counts Removed from Domain Export Lists

Okay... MY BAD. I did just try the download using the all fields option... and the whois data is there. So, I'm good. Sorry for earlier rant.


But... you could give folks pointers, after they generate an export list, where to find it.

Whois Counts Removed from Domain Export - Still has issues !!!

The whois counts fields are now downloadable in the domain export ....


... but now there is another issue with the whois downloadable fields. 


I just downloaded a list of 195 domains and 65 of those domains have NO counts in any of the whois fields. The whois fields for those 65 domains are totally blank so 33% of my downloaded domain names still do not have valid whois fields. My question is does Godaddy even have a QA department who thoroughly tests ALL changes before those changes are moved into the production environment?