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[Transfer out] Domains were not processed due to errors: Your domains must be in an eligible status.

I have been trying to transfer a domain away from GoDaddy for 2 days. I have received the GoDaddy auth code and submitted that to the receiving registrar. Now on GoDaddy I see a message saying "Transfer not started. Accept or decline. ",  I click on Accept and then see this error message:


These domains were not processed due to errors:


Your domains must be in an eligible status.


What does that mean? That is a very vague message! Any idea how I can get past that?

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Hey there @dos


This could be happening for a few reasons. If you just purchased the domain, you have a 60 day lock on it that won't allow any transfer from the current registrar. This is an ICANN rule and can't be circumvented.


You may also have something like a lock on the domain that prevents transfers or a privacy option. Those would need to be removed through the DNS Management portion of your account.

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Hi, thank you for your response. Now the transfer seems to have completed without me doing anything further. That error message from GoDaddy really was useless though, far too vague. They didn't tell me what status it was in or give a reference to where I can read what the statuses mean!