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Subdomain Forward Issue

I can not forward my subdomain to my blogger address. The problem is a sort of CNAME adding.

I think I am doing everything right. There is just two step to forward the subdomain.

1) I directed my blogger on my panel.
2) I added my subdomain on godaddy dns management panel. 

Both arrangements are absolutely correct and  I also have forwarded domain (already forwarded blogger)


Here is the funy thing. If I add CNAME which is only missing thing before directing blog on blogger panel, it works for a couple of hour. After a couple of hour, CNAME I added manually is disappering, so my subdomain is not directing to my blog anymore.

I spent lots of hours to solve this problem on phone but here, in Turkey, people knows nothing in callcenter.

Can anyone help me?



Re: Subdomain Forward Issue

Hi @RolandDeschain, thanks for posting.

Generally if your website is configured to be hosted at "subdomain. yourdomain. com", you would not use Forwarding for this. You would only use the DNS settings to point to the DNS settings provided to you by your website provider.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Subdomain Forward Issue

After long discussions, I solved my problem on my own thanks to a clue I found out with well-informed call-center employees!.

I only entered  A type records for my "en" subdomain. (But now, I can not see or interfere them on my DNS control panel after editing ha ha). That is it.

CNAME issue still is a mystery by the way.


And yeah, you are right. But Godaddy user interface, old guides which was created by Godaddy etc. are fabulously mind confusing ( I just wanted to be polite)


Have a nice day.


And sorry for my English!