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Sub domain Not Forwarding correctly to VPS server

I am having a problem with my subdomain not forwarding to a VPS server.  I have my top domain registered with Godaddy and currently hosting on another service provider.   


So in this case I have a shared hosted server using the top domain and wanting to use subdomain for the VPS.  Both the shared and the VPS servers are outside of Godaddy with the same provider.


The provider of the VPS server gave me an IP address and when I created the subdomain I used it are the Forward to address of the subdomain but it’s not working.  The shared hosting service is working correctly with the DNS nameserver given by the provider.


First I’d like to ask if this is the correct way of doing this and if not how can I get the sub domain redirected to the VPS IP address? 


Re: Sub domain Not Forwarding correctly to VPS server

Hi @rayval, thanks for posting.

For something like this you wouldn't want to use Forwarding. Instead, you would want to create an A Record in your DNS settings. You would generally want to create an A Record that has a Host of the subdomain you want to use, and then Points To the IP address of your server. Steps on adding an A Record can be found here:

You'll also want to remove the subdomain forwarding prior to adding this record.


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