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Spectrum DNS servers not recognizing my domain

Hello, I am having an issue where today Spectrum has all of a sudden stopped recognizing my domain and basically all my dns A records. So every potential client on Spectrum cannot visit my site.

When I checked via my mobile data plan with tmobile or with verizon as well as several other providers my site was coming up. It was only spectrum that seemed not to recognize me.

One of my friends who has spectrum, we changed their DNS servers to use Google DNS of and and that all worked.

So what do I do in a situation like this? I tried calling spectrum but I dont have an account so they are unwilling to help.

Does Godaddy NOC have connections with Spectrum to help fix/update their DNS issues. How does something like this even happen.
Super User II

What is the domain name?

The domain is, i was given a sub domain for my server but it looks like Spectrum isnt recognizing any address from the above domain.