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Partner / Affiliate Program / Domain Quota API Avaibility


I am looking for a partner to collaborate with to improve my PBN Premium tool, which has more than 2500 members and offers more than 400,000 expired domain names. I would like to find a partner with whom to work on the implementation of a domain name availability verification process. 
Simply put, I need to check 400,000 domain names every 24 hours to keep my tool's domain name database up to date. In exchange, Your API allow only 60 requests per minute, and i need more than 10 per seconde !
I can integrate your  a direct link to your registration service on each "Available Now" button
Otherwise would you have any idea to help me do this mass check is daily?
Thank you in advance!
Community Manager

Hi @PBNPremium. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'd suggest reaching out at to see if this is something that can be set on a case by case basis. Hope that helps. 


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