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My domain is not working

Untitled.pngAnd what kind of dns record i need? It isn't working. 


Re: My domain is not working


Are you trying to connect your website to a 3rd party host, not in GoDaddy? Then you need to point your A record to the IP of your Hosting

If you have a Hosting plan in GoDaddy, it should be automatic if you haven't use your domain or pointed it somewhere else before. 

Re: My domain is not working

yes its 3rd party host, but as i shown i pointed into my IP of hosting. A-> etc. These are the A points.


Re: My domain is not working

Hi @fearlessdesu,


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Your DNS indicates that you are directing to Blogger. The A records are correct, but we can't determine the code they provided for your CName. So your DNS here generally looks fine. Your issue may be in the setup at the Blogger side. You can review these instructions from Google to make sure you have completed the requirements there. Be sure to follow the instructions all the way to the end in step 3.



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