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MX lookup, No DNS Record Published - DNS Record not found

So I have 2 domains, and they are both doing the same thing:

(Yes I have waited 24-48 hours)

I tried connecting to the instant chat, but they didn't have any answer for me. The sites work currently, and other providers are able to ping and pull the records just fine (Like sendgrid, google, etc). So how come this fails on mxloopup and a few other sites?

This is what I used:

Screenshots below

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 9.58.09 AM.png


I do not know what a DNS is and I need help making my domain, public and also set up the email addresses;,,,


I am going around in circles (pun intended) trying to figure this out. I am wasting valuable time!  Please HELP!

Hi @hollydoyle


Welcome to the Community!


The volunteers in this forum are unable to make any changes to your DNS on the domain. If your domain was previously directed to another provider, you may need to simply update the A Record on the domain to the hosting plan with us. What you use for your email records will depend on which email plan you are using in the account. Please give our customer support a call so they can review your DNS and help you get everything properly squared away for you. 480-505-8877



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