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International TLD Name Server Managment

I can't seem to change my Name servers for the .it domain. I have sneaked by using templates and trickery only to find that I have added name servers but not changed the existing ones. Why can't I just manage the name servers on this domain like the rest? I realize it's special but I don't see why managing the name servers on this domain should not be the same as any other domain. 


Re: International TLD Name Server Managment

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You can read more about the nameserver requirements that the .IT Registry ( requires for your domain name below. The Registry (not GoDaddy) requires checking all changes to the nameservers.




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Re: International TLD Name Server Managment

For anyone else stuck in limbo with the tld be forewarned, the support department is not very well informed about this tld. Even the good techs seem to be unaware of the exact process that is taking place when attempting to make changes to the name servers for this tld. It's somewhat understandable since this domain isn't even on the ICANN registry, it's actually on a different registry all together. There are very specific requirements to be met PRIOR to attempting to change the name servers listed in the link from the previous post. After that there is a 5 Business day wait to see if the changes are even approved and if they are not then no reason is given your changes will simply be reverted back. Attempting to make changes to the DNS settings multiple times within godaddy will result in the 5 business day (essentialy 7days unless you happen to make the changes early Monday morning). Contacting support will get you only the response of having to wait those 7 days before they can do anything and once you have waited and I'd your changes did not take effect I highly advise you to NOT attempt to make changes again until you contact support and ask if they can speak to the CC Tld team to assertin the reason your changes rejected. Keep in mind you'll have to explain this multiple times every time you call support as they will not have any details about you making changes or that your changes were rejected. One thing that I have noticed is that if you do a whois lookup and see if your domain status says "pending update" it means your changes still haven't applied. Also, doing multiple changes before the first change is likely to get rejected. So you want to make sure you have your servers in order and make the change one time and one time only ans wait 7 days. It's a grewing experience. Thank god I'm moving DNS control over to my own servers.

P.S. If you haven't guessed, my name servers still haven't changed.