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Grant access to only ONE domain?

I want to grant access to someone, but I want them to have access to only ONE domain. So far, I've only been able to give them access to managing products. Does anyone know how to grant acccess to only one domain?

Community Team
Community Team

With the delegate access system, it wouldn't be possible to give someone access to just one domain if you have multiple in the account.  The user you assign as a delegate would be able to access all of the available domains.  The only option would be to have that domain in a separate account and then set up the delegate access.  



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I need to chime in on this topic. There are many times as a developer with a Godaddy account, that we would need to grant access to one person for one domain. When we manage many other domains, it makes no sense to allow a delegate access to our entire account. I feel that goaddy should understand this process and understand why its necessary. It used to be that way. 

Jream, I couldn't agree more. We manage domains for a number of partners, each of which might have a different developer. It's crazy that every developer has access to every other developer's domain. This makes no sense at all. I just discovered that Namecheap is one of the registrars that allows individual control over domain access. I am seriously considering moving my 169 domains to them.

Completely agree. It is ridiculous that it is not possible to delegate and administrative or technical contact for a single domain.

Trying to assign someone to manage a single domain. Found domain account administrators, which seemed like the perfect solution, but I couldn't get someone registered (apparently that feature was deprecated; not sure when, since the notice isn't dated). Adding them as a delegate isn't an option, because there are only 1-2 domains that they need to access and giving them access to all domains is inappropriate.


Domain-level delegation is missing from GoDaddy (from what I can tell). Adding a list of allowed domains (with option to say all domains) to the delegate entry would solve this problem.

I have opened a Namecheap account and transferred one of my domains there to try it out. If all goes well, all 168 of my domains will get transferred out of GoDaddy.


It occurs to me that the subscribers who most need to have domain-level user access are most likely some of GoDaddy's most valuable customers -- those with lots of domains in their accounts. 

Absolutely agree - this is short-sighted, on the part of GoDaddy.  I handle several hundred domains, for dozens of clients.  Sometimes, I can group them into separate accounts, but for clients with only 1 or 2 domains, it makes more sense to keep them in a single account.  But, I WILL NOT grant access to the ENTIRE account for each client - that's like saying my bank has granted me access to everyone else's account when I access the ATM. 


If something happens to me (accident/dead) my clients will be unable to get access to their domain, since I am unable to grant individual access to a domain within my account.  It's also absurd to think that I'm going to create 40 separate GoDaddy accounts and handle that logistical headache. If I'm going to go through that time-consuming headache, I'll just transfer my domains to a different registrar.


Come on, guys, did *anyone* at GoDaddy think this through, before mandating it across your business? Not even an under-paid intern? 


Community Manager

Hi @ErHe. Thanks for the feedback. In general, GoDaddy would encourage registrants to register domains in an account that they control and then provide delegate access to the provider they're working with, whether that be their web developer or technical team. This helps prevent a number of issues, including something unexpected happening to the provider or disputes over domain registration rights. If you have many clients, then you might want to look into setting up a free GoDaddy Pro account. That allows you to manage a list of clients and keep them separate. 


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