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I bought a domain name 4 days ago for a new site that I host. I registered the name with Dotster, just like all of the other sites I host, and I pointed the nameservers to and just like all of my other sites. All of my other sites work, but the new one gives me the name not resolved error. I have triple checked the nameservers on Dotster, and I have the domain set up on GoDaddy just like all of my other sites that do come up. I can't figure out what's wrong. The site is



Community Manager
Community Manager


Hi @Webmaster54. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! More than likely, those aren't the correct nameservers for your domain. Each domain added to hosting in our system is dynamically assigned a set of nameservers. They won't always be the same as other domains hosted in your account. Please take a look at this article for more information about finding the correct nameservers for your domain. 


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Thank you, I was able to find the nameservers for that domain. Can you tell me why all of the other 5 domains that I own use the same nameserver but this one does not?