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Domian not working



EDIT: It has started working again



So just few hours ago I bought a domian name but suddenly it has stopped working. 

The domain name is 


This message displays when I try to open my website:

This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.


I have connected it to my blog properly. Few hours ago it worked. 
What should I do now? 
Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Domian not working

Hi @Bikramjeet, thanks for updating us.  We're happy to hear that the site is working for you now.  Have a great day!  




Re: Domian not working

I know it's resolved now, but just thought I would share the most likely cause for this. When you update the DNS records on a domain, the first 72 hours can be a bit funny, as the domain is in the propagation stages.

 The propagation stages are the time from when you update your DNS records and the time the DNS resolver on your ISP's side refreshes.

To demonstrate this I took the below screenshots of my website. They're both taken from the same computer and the same internet connection.

This one is using the standard Centurylink DNS resolvers. Which I don't normally use because I regularly get DNS issues.


This one is the up to date version using a third-party DNS resolver.