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Domain will stop working?

Hello! Today I received a message about my domain In this letter it is written:

if you do not renew your domains during the 12-day grace period, you will be charged an additional fee of € 69.77, except for the renewal fee. At this time domain names will be transferred to parked nameservers, and any services associated with these domain names will cease to work.


Does this mean that I will not be able to manage the domain (transfer to another registrar, change server names, etc.) in 12 days?


Domain expiration date: 15.03.2019

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Rockstar I

Re: Domain will stop working?

Hey there @kpripper,


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If you're thinking of transferring your domains and the due date is soon for the renewal, best practice is to go ahead and renew so you don't face any difficulties. You can take a chance, and you'll probably be okay, but I definitely wouldn't risk it if the domain is integral to your business.


Hope that helps!

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Re: Domain will stop working?

All this is clear. But there should be clear rules, and not just the idea that renewing a domain is best practice.


Why services associated with the domain will be suspended in 50 days before the domain expires?