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Domain in limbo?

I registered a domain ( on GoDaddy on 08/04/2018.

On 08/04/2019 it dissapeared from my 'Domains' list in GoDaddy account, now it's back with status 'DNS-only (off-site)'. 
I don't have an option to renew (Domains => Expired Domains) and it's not listed in the auctions. I contacted customer service by phone but they tell me they can't help because of status 'DNS-only'. 

However it is still linked to my hosting.

Hope somebody can help! Support by phone was a huge disappointment...

Domain concerced is ''

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Domain in limbo?

Hi @mv1983. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! The .BE domain extension has special rules when to comes to renewal. Often country code domains (ccTLDs) will need to be renewed prior to expiration to keep them active. In your case, you'll want to connect with our customer care team so they can reach out to our domain compliance team to see what steps can be taken to recover the domain. This should have happened when you contacted them initially. If it didn't I apologize for the inconvenience. However, working with our care team would be the only way to get this sorted out. Sorry Man Sad


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