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Domain Mapping API (In Laravel Project)

I have to implement a domain mapping feature in my website where any user can map their domains to their page on my website.
A user on my page having his profile page
So the user can map their custom domain to this page as should open the
I know how to achieve this task by manually configuring DNS settings. 
What I want is for godaddy domain holders, the user could connect their custom domains to page on my website by just click a link like 'Connect you godaddy domain' where they would have a popup to authenticate on godaddy and confirm the mapping and close the popup and all set to map their domain. 
Is it possible using godaddy API or is there any help source. 
Any help in this regard will highly be appreciated. 


Regards & Thanks.


Re: Domain Mapping API (In Laravel Project)

Hi @superior125,


Welcome to the Community!

Thanks for the interesting inquiry. As there are already several methods by which a customer can manage their individual domain, we're not able to provide any auto-link to another customer's hosting plan. That said, there are two easy options you can provide your clients to connect them to your website. 


1. If you are providing a separate website and they are being added as another domain to your hosting plan, you can add the domain on your side (Add-on Domains), with their website in its own folder (assigned to that domain). Then they can set their nameservers to the GoDaddy default, and update their A Record to the IP address on your hosting plan. 


2. If the site you are creating for them is a page on your existing website, the client can simply set up a forwarding command on their domain to go directly to that page. For example, they can use these instructions, inserting "" (your actual path) as their destination. 



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Re: Domain Mapping API (In Laravel Project)



Thank you for your kind response. 

I want users to connect their domains to their profile page on my website. 

Its already working with manual configuration like updating CName etc. 

What I want is to just provide a link to users where they can click the link like say 'Connect' and in a popup window they can authenticate their account and confirm connection. 
For example its already implemented by the, please see the screenshots 1, 2, 3 and 4.

I'm really unable to achieve the Popup authentication and redirect stuff. 

Need help in this regard. 




Re: Domain Mapping API (In Laravel Project)

Hi @superior125,


GoDaddy is not going to provide those prompts to your clients, in order to specifically direct them to your hosting plan. The screens you show are only for direction to the hosting plan in the account in which the domain has been registered. Not to a specific hosting plan in another user's account. They will need to use the instructions in the previous reply to point their domains to your hosting plan. It will require the use of default nameservers and a simple change to the A Record to match that on your hosting plan. You can create your own set of instructions from ours to help them complete the task. 




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