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Domain Forwarding (usual waiting time for changes to apply)

I know its allegedly 24-48 hours, but the same is for nameserver change and in real life changes apply after 10-20 mins.  Do I have to wait 48h after every change to be sure that forwarding isn't working? 


I have 4 domains (2 with godaddy) and hosting with another provider that allows me to have 3 domains. When I had 3 domains I point 3rd one to my hosting and made redirect there. But I bought 4th so I have to make free space to add that domain. I didn't change nameservers because I tick "Update my nameservers and DNS settings to support this change.". After approx 20 hours I was sure that forwarding apply so I delete 3rd domain from cpanel, but I was wrong. So I delete forwarding at godaddy panel and tried allias at cpanel, but that also didn't work. I add A record with, but also didn't work so after a few hours trying I restore everything as it was before. I deleted 4th domain from my hosting (cpanel), add my 3rd domain, put back nameservers, and now its working (without redirect). Again I made forwarding on godaddy panel and now I'm waiting. 



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Super User III

Re: Domain Forwarding (usual waiting time for changes to apply)

Hey there @Cartmann,


Yes, the official timeline is up to 48 hours. Any changes to the zone file, including nameservers, is a change to the DNS and can take up to 24-48 hours to fully propagate. As you've stated, this isn't usually the case but it does happen on the rare occasion. Until that time period has elapsed between DNS changes, the CSR can't escalate the issue. (Yes, they can tell when the last time you changed your DNS, including a timestamp.)


Hope that helps answer your question!

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Re: Domain Forwarding (usual waiting time for changes to apply)

Thanks Joe, everything is ok now. DNS is changed when you get mail from godaddy. Today it took 4 hours.