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DNS nameserver change and Email issue


i have recently found a free hosting service to use for my website which required me to (according to the hosting service) change to their nameservers. So i changed the nameservers on my GoDaddy account and it worked fine however, my GoDaddy emails stopped coming through. I contacted support who informed me that i should change the nameservers back so i did which obvioulsy then reverted the website back to the old GoDaddy hosted one. I am fairly certain that i this is done in the DNS management but i dont know what i need to change to host the website somewhere and still keep the emails with GoDaddy?

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Re: DNS nameserver change and Email issue

The nameservers determine which DNS is active.


a) If you use GoDaddy nameservers (default in settings) you'll need to get the IP address for your hosting account and update an A record here.


b)  If your host allows you to edit the DNS (some free providers do not) you could use their nameservers and you'll need to add the appropriate records for email.