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Changing Domain Nameservers - Eligible Status

Hi guys,


I'm having lots of trouble making a simple change to domain servers on GoDaddy. I'm a step away from transferring these domains to Siteground unless it gets fixed.

FireShot Capture 1937 - Domain Manager -

I keep receiving the message "Domains must be in an eligible status." and have already contacted my hosting provider (SiteGround) to let them know of this issue. They said:


That can occur if the nameservers you are trying to use do not have a valid DNS zone for that particular domain yet.

I re-created your DNS zone on the server ( for now.

Please try to set the nameservers at your domain registrar again and it should accept them:


(xxxx blanked out for privacy)

Super User II

It appears the problem was with the nameservers at your host, but has been resolved by now.  Changes to the DNS can take an hour or more to work.


A note for if you or anyone else has similar problems in the future:  Nameservers are safe to post for testing, they don't contain private information.