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Can't connect domain to Adobe Portfolio

I'm trying to connect my domain ( to adobe portfolio, but doesn't seem to be working.
I followed all instructions from this video How to link Creative Cloud Portfolio to a GoDaddy Domain Name but I keep getting this error message in Adobe Portfolio "Oops! Looks like you missed a line! Please go back to your domain settings and add an "A record" for your root domain", which I already did. I'm really new to this so not sure if I'm missing something?


Does anyone have any suggestion to fix this?

Thank you! 🙂


Re: Can't connect domain to Adobe Portfolio

Hello. I have same problem. You've already solved the situation?



Re: Can't connect domain to Adobe Portfolio

@Martin95 @kseguel hi! did either of you figure out how to fix this? I am having trouble connecting mine.


Re: Can't connect domain to Adobe Portfolio

Hi @em8462,


Welcome to the community!

We found an easy video online that will help you connect a GoDaddy domain with an Adobe Portfolio website.

Your first A Record will have a "host" name of the symbol @, with a "points to" IP address that Adobe provides (see video). If you want your domain to reach that hosting when using "WWW", you'll create a CName record on the domain's zone file as well. Just put a "host" name of www, with a "points to" using the symbol @. That will direct it over to the same IP address you placed in the A Record.



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