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Anyone know how to setup Shopify email?

Hello. I am incredibly confused on how to set up an email address for my new shopify site. I have gone through all of the documentation pages (on email set up) but can not work it out. The shopping cart is with Shopify and domain registered with GoDaddy. I already have a VPS hosting account through another company (NetLogistics) and want to set up my email through that because it will be free. Do you know if this is possible? Possible to have the website hosted through Shopify, but email hosted through another company? Thank you.


Re: Anyone know how to setup Shopify email?

Hi @Anon_, thanks for posting.

You can setup email with any provider. The important setting relating to your domain name is the MX Records. MX Record control where (What server) email for your domain is sent. If you are using our Nameservers, the setting would be managed through your account with us. Otherwise, it would be managed at your hosting/DNS provider. I wouldn't be able to assist with setting up email with another service provider, as I wouldn't be familiar with their systems.

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Re: Anyone know how to setup Shopify email?

We can also help, is a Hosted Exchange Provider in Canada, and can set you up with corporate email hosting on Microsoft Exchange. Our 10GB mailboxes start at 3.99$/Month CND. All our servers are in canadian datacentres protected by the Canadian Privacy Act.


Contact me, if you need assistance, we can set it all up for you, at no charge, Phone, Outlook, Desktop.


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Re: Anyone know how to setup Shopify email?



For anyone else going  down this route and struggling with Shopify email hosting:

Shopify doesn't offer email hosting - they only offer forwarding (which doesn't look very professional).


So you need to use a 3rd party email host.  It's perfectly possible and quite simple.


You can use any email host (which you need to set up an account for) & what you need is the MX record from them.  You update your MX record on your domain record which points mail to your email host.


Your email host  could be anyone really. offer dedicated Shopify email hosting

Godaddy also offer hosting packages.  As do Rackspace and many others.


Beware of free services as - well - they will be profiting somehow from your use of their services.  Shopped email will configure your DNS for free.



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