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301 redirect not working for sub domains

Hi, I've just created a new website on Squarespace (previous site was on WordPress).  I have setup a remanent 301 redirect for the main website but when I try to do multiple pages within the site (under sub domains) it will not work.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as I do not want to lost the search equity that has been built up as it will affect the SEO

Many thanks


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: 301 redirect not working for sub domains

Hi @dreamindigital. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It sounds like you may be using our domain forwarding service but trying to access pages within the domain your forwarding to. If so, this will no longer work with our forwarding service, as is discussed in this thread. However, if that's not what you mean, feel free to add some clarification here. Others may have additional suggestions. 


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Re: 301 redirect not working for sub domains

Hi team,


Please know that I've set up my domain: to redirect to permanently.


The redirect from domain to domain is working.


However, its sub pages are not redirecting. For example: it not directed to


I'm getting the following error:



Check the URL bar. 


I've contacted the customer support, however, the agent couldn't find any solution. Even, he couldn't understand the exact problem.


I just need this redirect work. I want every page on to be redirected on,


Kindly look into it and provide the solution to this problem.


Thanks and regards!