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    how to transfer static page to wordpress blog?

    Dear GoDaddy team,


    My Website is a static website. my company is a transportation service. before I want to don't hack my site. that's why I make the static site. but now I want to rank my site. that's why I am posting new blogs. my blogs are a static page. now I want to my static page to transfer WordPress blog. 

    Please tell me how to transfer static page to WordPress.


    my static page is http://www.dlxpress.com/the-next-evolutionary-step-in-parcel-logistics.php  

    I want to my page like this (ex. www.dlxpress.com/blogs/the-next-evo...............)


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    Re: how to transfer static page to wordpress blog?

    Hey there @tnf32102 


    You can always try a site like this (3rd Party.) I've had a mixed bag with most of them, but it may work well for you. The only other way, really, is to just rebuild the site. Copy and paste the text, upload the pictures, work on the design, etc.


    Good luck!

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