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    WordPress update keeps breaking WordFence plugin

    The last couple times GoDaddy updated my WP with a minor update (or example going from x.x.1 to x.x.2) when I log in WordFence is no longer listed as a plugin, and you can't reinstall it until you rename the WordFence plugin folder on the server.  This has happened the last few times now, so wondering if anyone else is seeing this, or knows how to avoid a GoDaddy managed update I have no control over from breaking it and leaving my site unsecured by WordFence?


    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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    Re: WordPress update keeps breaking WordFence plugin

    Hey there @rjo98,


    Thanks for participating in the community!


    This is something you'd want to reach out to the plugin creator to see if they have any solutions. If you're paying for the premium WordFence, they should be able to help you out. If you're using the free version of WordFence, delete that garbage plugin and use something else. Other's experience may be different, but WordFence has never done anything for my client's or I other than messing up WordPress during updates.


    Other than that, you'd need to hire a dev or look into using the WP Premium Support service GoDaddy provides.


    If you'd like to be on a platform that doesn't auto-update, I'd suggest Business hosting. Yeah, shared is cheaper but Business hosting is fast and reliable and you don't have to share resources.


    Hope that helps!

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    Re: WordPress update keeps breaking WordFence plugin

    Yes it is happening to me as well...I have over a dozen sites on Managed WordPress and I am getting close to moving away from GoDaddy. This is driving me insane. I can not keep renaming folders via FireZilla and getting Wordfence back live and doing its thing. Surely this is a shared issue with the Plugin Dev and GoDaddy. I have many friends in the same line of work that use Wordfence religiously so the answer is NOT go talk to Wordfence as they are not experiencing this concern. What will business hosting do for me that shared does not ?

    Re: WordPress update keeps breaking WordFence plugin

    Did you ever find a fix for this issue?


    Re: WordPress update keeps breaking WordFence plugin

    Sorry for the late reply.  Actually, never found a true fix.  After a few updates of having to delete the old folder and reinstall, it's seemed to have been ok during the last few upgrades.  Guessing maybe they fixed something on the backend that stops breaking it.

    Re: WordPress update keeps breaking WordFence plugin

    No worries re: late reply. Thanks for your note....I will monitor and see how it goes. Hopefully you are right 😉